2018 Cervantes Trophy race

Cervantes Trophy was the first race in our new boat RelaX. We are now competing two classes higher in IRC 2 so up against some serious competition, such as the Army Sailing Association with British Soldier. We knew that a new boat and a crew that mainly hadn’t raced together before would be a challenge but what we didn’t expect was that the biggest challenge would be a complete lack of wind on the first day!

Szymon has produced an excellent video which tells the story of the weekend. For the record we came 10th out of 12 in our class, which gave us 54 more points than the two boats that retired, and 36th out of 45 overall. Maybe not our best result ever but we learnt many useful lessons about racing RelaX, got plenty of practice hoisting and dropping the asymmetric spinnaker, and most importantly had tremendous fun.

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