What’s in Store on 29 February?

So we have more time to catch up with friends, talk, plan, make new Club friendships and match sailing plans, we are starting the evening an hour earlier.. So please do be there by 5pm, with a complementary glass of prosecco to welcome everyone. There will be a kick-off Mixer which will, with quite some fun, enable us all to find members with like minds about sailing experiences and wishes, aims and hopes. From seeds of ideas, fresh opportunities will come!

The formal AGM is important as well, including the Treasurer’s Report and elections of the next Management Committee.

Talking of which, nominations for membership of the Committee are open until 24 February. Details of the nomination process were on the email from PYC Secretary of 1/2/20. If you cannot find it drop a line to the Company Secretary, Dave Brookes, at the address below.

Straight after the AGM there is the review of sailing and our plans by Richard Ash as Rear Commodore Sailing, and the especially happy occasion of the presentation of Trophies!

The evening will be an opportunity to ask questions or to volunteer points of view. I am sure the subject of replacing Quartette will be of interest to many!

Then to supper, if you’ve pre-booked before the deadline. Bar open as well!

There will be displays, including the planned Summer Cruise and the photos shown at the September party to celebrate 25 years of Phoenix Yacht Club!

So in all it will be an evening with a lot of content and opportunity for us all! Our web page https://phoenixyachtclub.co.uk/membershome/ will get you on the track of other details.

The Lollipop!

Two yachties are on watch. Far away a huge hand rises from the water. An immense  forearm emerges, and the fingers stretch into the air. It wobbles back and to and then falls, crashing back into the sea.

One says, ‘Did you see the size of that wave?

And a Bonus one – if you can bear it!

If Apple were a pirate ship, what would their sailors wear?

An iPatch!

Boom boom!

See you at the social evening and AGM on 29th February!

Ted Sankey                  Commodore@PhoenixYachtClub.co.uk

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