The World is Shifting – in The Club and At Sea!

The Countdown Has Started!

I hope the 29th February is in your calendar! This year we’ve increased the social content for the AGM evening and so set an earlier opening to the occasion. 

The Countdown is for the appointment of the next Management Committee. At the time of writing (Sunday) Nominations have been open for a day and my guess this soon is that very few have yet stepped forward. So I can write this without indicating a concern we might not have enough candidates!

I wanted to write that in any Club a member’s biggest concern would be to find that not enough are on the Management Committee or on the Sailing Committee and matters are at risk of slipping. The operating and admin. activities need to be done to keep the Club successful, providing good sailing experiences, building personal competences, being safe on board, having the yachts well found, etc.

Equally the committees must continue reflecting the various interests of our spread of members, otherwise the Club might disappoint a number at a cost to the Club’s success. We want to ensure the Club satisfies the most interests of the most members!

The Management Committee now has the formal countdown underway, so please give real  thought to standing for a post in it so we can fill all seats. For more background, including on the various vacancies on the Sailing Committee, by all means get in touch with myself, or Richard or Dave, email addresses below.

Volunteering provides personal satisfaction in giving back to one’s Club – Giving and Gaining!

So What’s Happening to The North Pole?

We know well that the Magnetic North Pole moves and we make the progressive adjustment for Variation when plotting. A handful of minutes more or less than last year. In recent times though the Magnetic North Pole has immensely lengthened its stride.

Having happily eased itself around the Canadian Arctic for centuries (monitored since 1650!), in the late 1990’s it picked up its pace fivefold and has headed straight in a (true) northerly course. Last year it zoomed within 390km of the geographic North Pole. It is now in the Eastern hemisphere, travelling towards Siberia! The track can be seen here

Magnetic North Pole Positions 2015 (Wikipedia)
(By Cavit – Own work Observed pole positions taken from Newitt et al., “Location of the North Magnetic Pole in April 2007”, Earth Planets Space, 61, 703–710, 2009)

We know (ahem!) that the Earth’s magnetic field is generated by the dynamo effect as a molten iron core moves within the Earth’s core. Oddly though, despite the rapid travel of the magnetic North Pole, its southern counterpart has been moving very little.

If you are interested in reading more, start with  https://www.bgs.ac.uk/news/docs/PR07WorldMagneticModel.pdf . I for one will keep checking the Variation on the chart’s compass rose!

And for peace of mind, don’t ask how overdue we are for a reversal of the Earth’s polarity!

See you at the social evening and AGM on 29th February!

Ted Sankey


For information about Committee places, also:

Richard Ash                rcs@phoenixyachtclub.co.uk

Dave Brookes             secretary@phoenixyachtclub.co.uk

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