Getting Through COVID

Just as we were poised to go to sea (a few lucky crews actually did so!) this unprecedented emergency hit us and the world. It is the worst of its kind for over 100 years. Of course, in 2020 we are now able to respond so much more effectively and quickly than when Spanish Flu hit. But even in wartime, going out and about was not a shutdown as it is now.

We cannot know yet how long it will be before Phoenix can sail again. The dense fog may thin just a little when the government tells us this week something of how they will ease restrictions.

The Committees have focussed closely on our response to COVID and the impact on the Club. As well as the operational arrangements, we are looking closely at the implications of a (hopefully unlikely) long protracted freeze. Fortunately we have the big annual payments for 2020 behind us now. With sailing so important to us yachting enthusiasts, and candidly with fees so important to our plans, we want to get sailing again as soon as we prudently can with crew welfare in mind. So please start planning your sailing for possible dates later in the season!

There are still many bright spots we can create out of this adversity! Right now there is the fun of Virtual Racing in the Club! How about looking out your best sailing and club photographs and uploading them onto the Club blog for to jog memories! And do not forget Zoom and Facebook! Obviously the anticipation of that first sail will be delicious and something to look forward to!

Talking of uploading – in this lockdown has anyone found any sailing etc books to recommend? Film clips? Films? I put up some suggestions here and here. There is also the Phoenix channel !

Take care.

Ted Sankey Commodore@PhoenixYachtClub.co.uk

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