Membership and Sailing Fees

Phoenix Yacht Club is funded entirely by its members and encourages members to use the yachts as often as possible.

To enquire about joining, please contact the Membership Secretaryor for an introductory sail see our Introductory Sail page

Membership Fees (From 1/3/2021)

Adult Members£285 p.a.
Introductory Membership£30 for a single month


Adult Members’ children or grandchildren under 18 years of ageIncluded in adult membership fee. 
50% of Sailing Fees
Adults 18 – 25 years of age50% of Adult membership fee

Sailing Fees (from 1/3/2019)

Winter (November to March)£28 per day£38 per day
Mid-Season (April, May & October)£38 per day£58 per day
Summer (June to September)£43 per day£68 per day
Club Training, non-RYA (additional to Sailing Fees)£15 per day£15 per day
RYA Certificated Training (additional to Sailing Fees)£15 per day£15 per day
 Racing premium (additional to Sailing Fees)£15 per day£15 per day

*note Bank Holidays currently charged at week-day rate (concession until further notice)

Introductory Membership

We appreciate that some potential members may like to try the club before they join, especially if new to sailing. To address this we offer a one-off introductory membership subject to the following conditions:

  • The introductory membership period lasts for one month, starting on the first day you sail with us.
  • During this month you have the option to apply for full membership, and pay the difference between the introductory membership fee and the applicable full membership fee.
  • You can only have introductory membership once. If you choose not to join in the same membership year as your introductory membership, and later wish to join us you would need to apply for full membership immediately.
  • Introductory members can sail with us as often as they wish during the period of their introductory membership, but cannot participate in training and have no vote in any meetings of the club.
  • Introductory membership fees and sailing fees are payable in advance, to secure your introductory sail.
  • If you need to cancel your introductory sail, our cancellations policy is that sailing fees are only refunded if more then four weeks notice is given. Introductory membership fees will be refunded because the membership will not have started.

Subscription Discount Scheme

The 2020 Subscription Discount Scheme allows club members, in return for making a debenture of £1000 to the club, a discount of £20 on their annual subscriptions and 5% discount on sailing fees. The debentures are for a period of 10 years, although they may be repaid earlier at the Club’s discretion.

Any member can apply to participate in this scheme and hold a maximum of five £1,000 debentures. Skippers are required to be members of this or earlier schemes, and to hold a minimum of one debenture.

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