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St Valery-en-Caux, Normandy

Port de Plaisance
St Valery En Caux


Saint-Valery-en-Caux is a coastal city with two faces to its visitors: on one side a verdant hinterland, on the other, a maritime facade framed by chalk cliffs and lined with pebble beaches. Taking its name from the monk who built the first Christian edifice on the commune, the traces of the past lead far ahead and bear witness to the occupation of the territory by the Roman people. – Source:


St Valery en Caux Entrance

St Valery en Caux Outer Harbour Low Water

St Valery en Caux Marina

Entrance dries so arrival time dictated by bridge and lock in harbour.

Entry HW -2.5 to +1.75 Depending on coefficient. Tidal range is 7 to 9 metres so make sure you do your homework. Working out a transit using the wind towers on the clifftop is a revelation. You will probably be pointing straight at the cliff to get the correct angle.

There is a small waiting pool in front of the bridge with a couple of waiting buoys but don’t rely on them. Better to time your run in to arrive about 5 mins before bridge opens and hover. Beware shingle bank on STB side of channel. Deeper water is to port. Port official at bridge will probably direct you to mooring as you pass through. Short term moorings are immediately on Port or Starboard.

Facilities are at Yacht Club by Pontoon 6 but visit Capitanerie in Control Tower by bridge to get codes.

Town has small Carrefour plus small shops in main square. There is NO fuel available at the marina.

We ate at La Barcarole 22 Quai du Havre. Good range of dishes plus pizzas (enormous) and good WiFi. €20/ph

Take a walk to the cliff top and see the monument to the 51sr Highland Regiment, the “forgotten army” who were left behind at D Day and. fought a rearguard action all the way to St Valery. Hundreds died and thousands captured.

If you have time take a bus to Veurles Les Roses about 10 minutes away. A small seaside town that is rated among the top 150 prettiest towns in France.  Bus departs from stiop at N side of Marina

Author – Bob Cousins

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