Tom Lynch

Who is Tom Lynch?

My passion for all forms of water sports started as a youth in the Sea Cadets and has continued to this day. Over the years I have windsurfed, water skied, sailed and instructed in dinghies, been a qualified powerboat, water ski boat driver and instructor, a safety boat driver and most recently offshore yacht master.

I have been a member of PYC for 10 years and in the early days I had a share in a yacht, so I mainly used the club to progress through my qualifications via the excellent club offerings including the Coastal and Offshore YM courses. However, since selling that yacht, PYC has been my yachting home and in the last 5 years I have spent ~150 days board and covered over 5000 miles with PYC.   My sailing genes are more cruiser than racer and I have regularly skippered summer cruise weeks and organised many trips outside the Solent to France,  Holland, the West Country, Scotland, the Channel Islands and I also planned and skippered the delivery trip for Relax from the Baltic to Haslar. I enjoy helping members develop their sailing skills during my trips and often provide mentored skippering opportunities for YM Offshore qualifying passages.  I am currently a PYC skipper assessor and I enjoy mentoring aspiring club skippers and provide informal opportunities to develop skills during my trips. Over the years I have also been active in recruiting new members through my personal networks and hosting many introductory sails for potential new members.

Relevant ExperienceIn terms of my experience relevant to the PYC Management Committee I have an in-depth knowledge of the club and its operations having served on the Sailing Committee for a number of years, on the Management committee for the past year, and also as a very active member who makes extensive use of the club yachts. I also have wide experience of serving with, and leading, committee-based organisations.  I am a past Vice President of the Royal Society of Chemistry Analytical Division and a former Trustee of the Analytical Chemistry Trust Fund Charity managing funds in excess of £10million.  I founded, and was Commodore, of the BP Yacht Club Windsurf Section, Treasurer of the BP Yacht Club Dinghy Section and I am a past Rear Commodore of Goring Thames Sailing Club.

 My Views on the Future for PYC

Over several years the financial and operational management of PYC has been transformed by a great team of very hard working member volunteers working through the Management and Sailing Committees and at the start of 2020 the club now had a clear vision supported by robust financial and operational strategies  to deliver the clubs mission  “To provide for our members and their families, a range of affordable, enjoyable and easily available sailing –training, racing & cruising (both near & far) –on high quality, safe boats”    Unfortunately the COVID pandemic through 2020 has had a huge impact severely limiting our sailing activities which in turn has had a major negative impact on the financial performance of the club.  Fortunately, the club had enough cash reserves to weather the storm but this has meant many of our well laid plans now have to be reviewed or even abandoned until we can resume something like normal operation.  2021 will be a critical year in determining the future of Phoenix Yacht Club and I am fully committed to working with the Management and Sailing Committees to steer a course through the turbulent waters ahead.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Chair and contribute to the Management Committee to steady and optimise the club operations in a post COVID world and develop with the MC a long term strategy for the overall health and sustainability of PYC.





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