Richard Ash

This is my 34th season cruising on sailing yachts and I have cruised many of the coasts of the UK, Belgium, France, The Netherlands and the Baltic. I have also enjoyed warmer cruising in the Mediterranean, Canaries, and Caribbean. I am qualified to RYA Yachtmaster Offshore level and have done the theory for Ocean too, and in 2019 made my first Ocean passage from Portugal to the Canary Islands..

Having shared ownership of two yachts before moving to the South coast and joining PYC in 2008, I was quickly identified as a potential bosun, a role I have fulfilled since 2010 on Firebird, then Quartette and Relax. In this role I have also been a member of the sailing committee for ten years under three different chairs. I was one of the team who selected Relax and led the equipment specification and commissioning of her into the club alongside the then RC-S, Trevor Nicholls. I am a PYC Offshore skipper and sailed 31 days on the clubs yachts in 2019, but in common with most members, only a handful in 2020.

I have been Rear Commodore Sailing for two years now and I am willing to stand for another- unless someone else wants the job.

The club tries to keep fees as affordable as possible consistent with maintaining the yachts in good condition and funding a rolling programme of boat replacement.  The very low amount of sailing possible in 2020 because of COVID has stalled this plan and I cannot help but think the club will be very different as we come out of this.  In my view there are two main challenges for 2021-22:

a) Refreshing the pool of volunteers to run and grow the club.
b) Balancing annual membership and daily sailing fees so that we are resilient to the ups and downs of COVID.
In the medium term I also believe that the club needs to look at the best way forward for covering the capital costs of replacement boats.  In the past the club has relied heavily on member 10 year loans and this model seems to be working less well now, so we will need other structures, or we will have to rely entirely on saving from the membership and sailing fees.

Role and Responsibilities

Chairman of the Sailing Committee, responsible for achieving SC objectives and managing our sailing programme, our boats and sailing activities.

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