Laurence Cale

I first learned to sail when I was at school where I ended up as a dinghy instructor. After a hiatus of several years raising a family and earning a crust I returned to it with Phoenix several years ago and am now a coastal skipper. My sailing trips are pretty relaxed and I am happy for the crew to pitch in their ideas. I also like to practice some of the skills needed for boat handling to keep us all sharp. I usually book in the winter months to take advantage of the Solent being less crowded and the wind more reliable.

I usually sail weekends although occasionally longer trips.  I like to have a plan for what I am going to do and am more than happy if anyone wants to do something or go somewhere specific.  If you want to do the planning, act as skipper or practice skills for Yachtmaster then we’ll try to build that in.  My usual weekend plan is to meet up on Friday evening then get going early on Saturday for a full day’s sailing.  Sunday tends to be a more leisurely return to Haslar.  My challenges for 2021 are to go to the places on the Solent that I don’t regularly go to – the ones that are a bit more tricky!

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