John Halliday

I started sailing as occasional crew on keel-boat races out of Cowes and Chichester Harbour, then supported two children on five successive dinghies.  After that I decided it was my turn and bought a Swift 23 bilge-keel yacht that I kept for three years on a swinging mooring in the Bosham Channel.

I was introduced to PYC in 2008 by founder member Jonathan Gillams, and decided that joining the club made much more sense than owning my own boat.  Through the club’s excellent training provision I’ve since progressed to Yachtmaster and Club Offshore Skipper.

As a retired engineer I’m an informal member of the bosunry team, supporting the boat electrics and electronics, but will turn my hand to any jobs needing doing on the boat.  I was part of the commissioning team when we bought RelaX in Denmark, and sailed the first leg back to Holland.

I’ve logged more than 9,000M, much of it with the Club in the British Isles, France and the Netherlands, and also sailed on flotillas, yacht charters and friends’ boats in Scotland,  the Baltic, Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

I’ve participated twice in the RTI and done a couple of cross-channel RORC races.  When cruising I like to plan an efficient passage making best use of wind and tide.  If joined by my wife Alice – mainly a fair weather sailor – our outings are likely to be gentle with a focus on lovely coastal scenery and overnight stops, sometimes combined with a country walk ashore.

My current preoccupation is trying to hone my sail trimming skills – especially on RelaX.  I’m very happy to step back and help other members gain experience of passage planning and boat handling, and very willing to act as mate or crew to other club skippers.

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