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SC2014 – Summer Cruise – Week 14 – Crossing to Spanish Mainland

Skipper Ted Sankey, crew Judith Hankey John Charratt, and Paul Carlin, passage to Barcelona

We stayed in L’Arenal on the Saturday night too, after a quick shake down in the bay outside, and then crossed to Porto de Andraitx. This has a Sotherby’s estate agent selling villas for €10-15m, which says a lot for the views on the hillside. It is a lovely setting so the popularity is understandable.

Our crossing to the Spanish coast had a lovely white circle (<10knots) on passage weather just north of Majorca, an ideal forecast given the alternatives we have come to expect. So our 170 mile crossing to L’Estartit was a motor sail for most of the way, with a nice sail at the end, and uneventful. We then started our cruise south along the Costa Brava to Palermos, and Blanes to Barcelono. Palermos had a commercial harbor too, where we found the immense super yacht Valerie.

We had a swim stop at the marine reserve island off L’Estartit, with some northwesterly swell but the wind did not stay in the north west as we sailed slowly southwest.

The best wind of the week seemed to be on the Friday afternoon after Judith had jumped ship at Blanes for an earlier flight. This was assessed from the 4pm train along the beautiful sandy beaches north of Barcelona. In September 1982 these beaches were deserted but now the maximum space between the sun-worshipers at the many small resorts was 100yds.

I am sure my crew-mates have much better photos and can say more about the trip too, but in summary very warm, limited wind (but no complaints given the alternative), very attractive scenery, nice sea temperature, good company and nice meals ashore and aboard.

— Judith Hankey  

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