How fast can Relax sail?

In sailing it’s not unusual to find that changing course a little away from the direct line to your destination can give you more boat speed, as can sailing a little free of close hauled when you’re working to windward. Sometimes this can work to your advantage with the extra distance sailed being more than […]

Getting Through COVID

Just as we were poised to go to sea (a few lucky crews actually did so!) this unprecedented emergency hit us and the world. It is the worst of its kind for over 100 years. Of course, in 2020 we are now able to respond so much more effectively and quickly than when Spanish Flu […]

John Liddy

It is with much sadness that I report the death of John Liddy, on 26 April. He was known with great fondness to many of us. Most recently for the Club he was the Company Secretary until early 2019, when he had to devote himself to treatment and recovery. It was a delight to see […]

What’s in Store on 29 February?

So we have more time to catch up with friends, talk, plan, make new Club friendships and match sailing plans, we are starting the evening an hour earlier.. So please do be there by 5pm, with a complementary glass of prosecco to welcome everyone. There will be a kick-off Mixer which will, with quite some […]

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