Summary of two weeks cruising Brittany and Atlantic coast France

It has been a lovely two weeks in an area where we have been spoiled for choice for interesting cruising destinations. It would be possible to do it again without any repeat stopovers, but some places cry out to be re-visited. The weather has been less inspiring, since we ordered constant sunshine and force 4s and got some cloud fog and rain and some no wind days too.

It is pretty warm overall, just the westerly wind being a bit cool now off the sea. In fact in our thunderstorm we had wafts that were so warm that it could have been a sauna!

We have had 2 good sailing days just now with more forecast for the next few days.

On the food side we have tended to eat the daily formula menu with 3 courses, which have all varied but from good to excellent and €12.50 to €25 for the 3 courses.

Marina prices have been from 20 to 30€ per night some with free showers too. The English lady on the next boat told us that prices will double soon, which makes them up to (and over) Solent prices.

Other Solent boats over here have been puzzled, every time they meet Quartette she has different people on board. So we have had to explain.



St Martin de Ré – view from church tower



  • Loveliest destination: St Martin de Ré.  Second loveliest: Benedot, Conarneau, St Dennis d’Oleron, Pornic, Port Trudy, Sauzon.  Least: Pornichet
  • Best views: church tower in St Martin de Ré
  • Best handover port: Pornic
  • Best wifi: Sables de Olonne or St Denis de Oleron
  • Best meal (so far): Sables de Olonne Caesar et Rosalie 7 the quay
  • Least expensive: cafe near Les Minimes La Rochelle (but still good food)
  • Best sailing day: Port Haliguen to Pornichet sailed all the way in beautiful sunshine and f3/4 and the light airs cruising chute where possible
  • Best showers St Denis de Oleron or Sables de Olonne in town quay marina All French shower cubicles are wet!



Richard, leaving Les Sables d’Olonne


Adam & Terry


Adam and Terry have gone to find a bar to watch the Wales Belgium footie match – it was 1:1 when we finished eating.

Best regards, Judith, Richard, Terry, Adam, Mike (Friday 1 July)

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