So What's Next?

A Happy New Year to everyone! 

I hope it had been a good festive season for you. Perhaps there was opportunity to look back over the last year at your sailing activities. Highlights for me included the picturesque stopovers at the southern end of the Summer Cruise. Another was to celebrate 25 years of the Club at a very happy social in the late summer. 

We will be having another get-together on Saturday evening, 29 February, The AGM with its supper and social time gives us a look-ahead to the year’s activities and (referring to the replacement of Quartette) a little beyond. Not least of course we have good natters and can make plans together. 

My tip for anyone who hasn’t been along to what some other sailing clubs might call their Fitting Out Supper and AGM is to get along at least half an hour before the stated start – there is a lot of natter then, and displays to look at before business starts! 

Teamwork in the Club

We are fortunate to have such a good team looking after the Club’s activities. It is quite an undertaking to run two yachts, heavily used, and provide enjoyable, safe and interesting sailing for a large membership with a range of sailing interests and abilities. The team provides a Club “feel” despite our scattered membership, and of course works to get new members the sailing opportunities they join for. A lot of money goes through the Club and we have good financial management. 

There is a constant need for more people to help with running this range of voluntary activity, and I am sure you agree that many hands make light work. It is mission-critical that we avoid a drop in volunteers if we are to maintain our good standards and move forward. 

People find great satisfaction from playing a role in a smooth running Club! Giving and Gaining! And most of the roles do not require going to Gosport or day-time availability. 

My New Year Ask… 

.…is that you consider what interests you and see how you can offer a little time to the Club. I am sure whatever you offer, it will be of value to us. If you want to talk it over before deciding, please drop me a line at the address at the foot, or alternatively Richard Ash, Rear Commodore Sailing on rcs@PhoenixYachtClub.co.uk .

The Management Committee is a special case: all posts are necessarily up for election at each AGM. Whilst most of the positions have Club management duties, there are two seats for members who do not necessarily have a Club role – they represent the membership at large,

Nomination for all these elected posts will open in about 4 weeks and I very much hope you will consider standing. 

We have a particular vacancy for someone to fill the role of Company Secretary. It is currently being filled strictly on an interim basis. I stress the role does not require any professional qualification, though obviously diligence and care is required. A lot of guidance is available from the websites of Companies House, etc. Attendance at Committee meetings is not essential. Drop me a line if you want to know more or can suggest someone in the Club, who might not have read this Piece!

And the Lollipops!

Q: What do you call waiting 5 hours to catch a mackerel?                
A: Quick!

And for the racers:

Q: How many course Race Officers does it take to change a light bulb?
A: Only one, but will spend a lot of time trying to make the electricity line perpendicular to the current.

See you on 29th February!

Ted Sankey, Commodore – Commodore@PhoenixYachtClub.co.uk

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