Aaaah, Boat Shows

The pre-eminent boat show in the UK, in Southampton in September, delivers a feast of information about yachts, equipment and personal paraphernalia. Maybe a few decisions as well! And not least, opportunities to met friends and acquaintances and exchange tales of the sailing summer. The pleasure of walking on the latest yachts is sweet, and there is great satisfaction of having been able to compare alternative models of items one was planning to buy. One might even take the opportunity, for curiosity, to look at one or two nearby pre-owned yachts in brokers’ hands. And then going home with the odd serendipitous piece of equipment is the cream on the top!

Taking the Club Forward

 In the time of my membership, which was from the Club’s formation, I’ve seen our confidence and feeling of robustness grow. Part of this has been because of the growth in membership and activity since those early days, and thus income to the Club.

However our replacement decisions are critically affected by the funds we expect to see ourselves with as our target replacement date approaches. In times gone by this could mean we had to peg back what we could prudently afford, or defer replacement and run the risk of higher maintenance costs.  

In recent years though we have set out to build our SDS loans into a more robust platform of secure funding on which to plan confidently for replacing a yacht. This has enabled us to not only replace a yacht, but to do so with one grander.

The scheme provides a great personal sense of making the Phoenix yachts “mine”! With valuable discounts on fees to boot! This next round of the scheme enables new skippers to make the investment in two instalments.  Please bear in mind then not just the initial investment of the loans, but how it enables us to continue to have fine yachts for us all to enjoy. Yachts that, though not brand new, will always be of more up-to-date standards of accommodation, equipment and performance!

As I write this, on Sunday, it has been an absolutely lovely day! It just shows that even November does not mean the sailing has to be for the hair-shirt brigade only!

Ted Sankey, Commodore         


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