Two Personal Club Highlights in One Weekend!

Here’s An Idea!

Last Sunday, that glorious reminder of the best summer days, for the first time I did a Club day sail!

All my Club sailing has involved at least two nights on board. Last Sunday I had a delightful day sail in the Solent, with John Halliday, Paul Carlin, Janet Dalton and newbie Elena Landon. Winds were light and the sea was slight. We cruised around the eastern Solent with a highlight of going into Bembridge, with all its summer holiday feel. We lunched hove to outside the main channel watching the world go by.

It wasn’t all ‘lazy days’ though. Some navigation was practised and we got in lots of tacks, gybes and sail setting. We tried to get within hailing distance of RelaX but it outpaced us!

I thoroughly recommend, especially to those able to do midweek sailing, to simply get a small party together for a day sail. Planning and provisioning is minimal!. (Some years ago I sailed on Lutine over to Cowes, fish restaurant lunch and sail back!) A midweek date could be obtained at short notice, say when one can see the weather a few days ahead as promising good conditions!

A Great Celebration!

The other highlight was the Celebration for the 25th Anniversary of the Club’s formation. We marked it with a great party on the Lightship at Haslar. Many people came, some over long distances. Andy Bowerman has written a report elsewhere in the Newsletter.

There was a tremendous lot of natter over lovely food and drinks. Future plans, current activities, reminiscences were all noisily talked over! We were able to loudly welcome a  member who had joined the day before, Nick Roffey!

Hearing Jonathan Gillams, the leader of the team that established the Club, talk about those challenging days made clear the nerve and confidence to set up a two yacht club with a relatively small number of members. The formula worked and here we are with a membership roughly double, and an even greater range of activities.

Many thanks to Andy for setting up the notable event, with Hazel Wilcox providing great help in contacting people and collecting acceptances.

In my few words, I celebrated all that had been done by and for the members over the 25 years – offshore races, distant cruises, training centre, etc,. I also stressed actively looking to the next few years in order to get on to another 25 years! All members’ inputs in ideas and expertise always gratefully received!

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