Cooking On Board

We are moving into the height of the cruising season. Members are spending the most time in their sailing year on the yachts. Certainly during the leisurely weeks of the Summer Cruise, there is plenty of time for enjoying food on board.

Sailing is famous for special and favourite dishes being served up for friends. Perhaps they are prepared and cooked from scratch. Perhaps they are wholly or partly pre-prepared and brought on board. Perhaps the dish is special because it is quick and simple to make but is impressive and greatly enjoyed. It may be conjuring wonders from a well-chosen selection of tinned foods!

I have a strong appetite for the Anzac biscuits Chris Maughan’s wife sends him off with! Trevor Nichols is the chef of some great casserole dishes.

What are your favourite dishes you like from the galley? Maybe there is a great time-saving tip you have. Share them with us by posting them on the blog under this article (when you are signed-in!) on our website.  What would you like to offer members for their next sailing outing?!

Finally, make sure you’ve put our 25th Anniversary Celebration on 14 September in your calendar! Whilst the main feature is the get-together in the early evening, there is the opportunity to make afternoon visits to the submarine museum and HMS Warrior. Bear in mind that the Southampton Boat Show is on the day after, so staying overnight (using Airbnb, etc) would make it a great weekend break!

There is more detail on the Celebration elsewhere in this newsletter. Photographic or any other mementoes of the club over the years will be gratefully received ( bowermanandy0@gmail.com )    for making a great display of all we’ve done and who has been doing it over the years!

Ted Sankey, Commodore

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