The Most Sailing Fun You Can Have On Land!

One of the many ways the Internet has changed our lives has been the access to all sorts of video clips of sailing, places to sail, sailing and boat handling instruction as well some very helpful “How To Do It”s (not all of which are good and safe practice)!

I enjoy the clips that show the joy of sailing. They are great to look at in a freewheeling five minutes. I get pumped up by them. I reach for my calendar!

We’ve got our own clips on YouTube. A number are on the Phoenix Yacht Club YouTube Channel. Many thanks to Steve Greenham, Bob Cousins and Szymon Dworski. Szymon for one has uploaded and curated many sailing clips in his own name (tip – go behind the sofa to watch “Coast Guard towing a yacht around the Portland Bill in F8 winds”)!

My current favourite is this one:

 You will need to view to know what it is about! If it interests you, similar are here (loses marks for the music (best heard in a club!) and the photo quality is of its time). For a taste of the up-market end see here:

That’s my favourite! What’s yours? Share it now by Copy and Pasting a link into the comments below.

Let’s share the fun!

Ted Sankey, Commodore

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