We are back sailing

The government has announced a further change to the Covid-19 regulations effective 22nd February 2021 (introduction of 4 Stages for relaxation).  In line with latest government advice, from today, the club announce the following temporary rules, which are subject to changes in advice or law.

In Stage 2 (from 12th April):

  • Social distancing rules can be met, and travel minimized as per government rules. 
  • Skippers and crews expressly agree to diligently perform the anti-Covid-19 cleaning regimes detailed on board.
  • Crews will be limited to 4 on Quartette and 5 on Relax to allow good social distancing in the cockpit in this Stage. 
  • Only one person should be below decks at any time except in emergencies.
  • The club will continue to provide cleaning materials and crews are absolutely required to use them.
  • All crew should declare free of symptoms and known contacts before sailing.  No cancellation charges if members need to cancel in this event.
  • Members are encouraged to take up vaccinations for the protection of themselves and other crew members.  While being vaccinated is not a requirement to sail, members who are not yet vaccinated are asked to discuss this with skippers of trips before booking to ensure that the safety of other crew is not compromised.
  • A single household may stay overnight using one of the sleeping cabins.
  • Crews should take clean sheets to cover cushions in the sleeping areas to reduce the potential to shed (or pick up) virus there. Crews must take their own pillows and pillowcases.
  • The latest Government advice it also to use the free Lateral Flow tests on a regular basis and we encourage all crews to start taking these up to 24 hours before sail, please see:-


The intention is to keep everyone safe.

In Stage 3 (from 17th May at the earliest):

  • As above but overnight trips by rule of 6 or two households permitted.
  • Households/bubbles to occupy separate cabins.
  • Social distancing rules in force at the time will govern whether the main saloon can be used for eating.
  • Crews are encouraged to provide the maximum ventilation consistent with the weather conditions when stopped and using the cabin.
  • Use of the saloon for sleeping may be considered at the discretion of the skipper and crew (this will for example depend on the number of households).  Numbers may be limited to avoid this if considered necessary.  Vaccination status (for example) or other vulnerabilities may be considered in this decision.

In Stage 4 (from 21st June at the earliest):

  • As above but plan for normal occupancy levels subject to those with specific concerns not being obliged to share a cabin with other households.  Will be kept under review.

General arrangements and precautions

  • Members booking must all accept that the precautions taken are in good faith and cannot guarantee safety.
  • Skippers may still, if they wish, make a “whole boat” booking and as a concession this will be paying for 5 berths on Quartette and 6 berths on Relax.
  • To reduce the chance of a yacht being inconveniently stranded trips will be limited to the UK at the present time.

We hope that this allows as many of you as possible to get out and enjoy some sailing.

Richard Ash, PYC Rear Commodore (Sailing)

2 thoughts on “We are back sailing

  1. T think that this is a really useful summary of what we can and cannot do on our two boats. The RYA interpretation of the Government “road map” is not as clear as the PYC “Staged RelaXation” (capital X). Well done Richard and the committees for getting this sorted!.

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