Remembering Janet

As a result of Janet’s very active Club sailing many members got to know her and deeply feel the loss of her. Janet made an impact on all and was great company.

She joined the Club relatively recently, in 2017, and dived right in. The enjoyment she took from all aspects of yachting was evident to all. Cruising or racing, Janet threw herself into it with all enthusiasm.

At the last AGM, Janet was awarded the Jubilee Plate for most days on-board, setting a record at 52 days. She joined the club with RYA Competent Crew, and had gained RYA Day Skipper with us. In addition, keen to reach high proficiency, Janet undertook three PYC Training courses in the last 12 months alone. Janet also took on the role of Secretary of the Sailing Committee. In this short time, she introduced two new members.

Janet’s daughter, Becki, has told us that yachting and the Club meant a great deal to her mother. The Club had given Janet a great new opportunity that she seized. Yachting had become a passion for her. 

Janet was suddenly taken ill the week before last and went into hospital for surgery. Tragically there were complications and she did not recover. She passed away on Friday 4th October.

Tom Lynch sailed with her a lot and has written the following tribute:

“If you were asked to describe the perfect member for PYC then you would probably think of Janet Carroll.  

Janet was passionate about her sailing and was constantly looking to learn new skills and to extend her experience on the water.  Nothing seemed to phase Janet and she was always willing undertake any activity with gusto and enthusiasm even in challenging conditions.   She was an extremely proactive lady who would just get on an do any routine task on the yacht without being asked. Janet took great pride in doing things well, both in the sailing activities and the day to day chores on board, and was the perfect crewmate on many PYC cruises. She was also a great advocate for the club and would go out of her way to make potential members feel welcome and coach them during their introductory and early sails with PYC.

Janet also loved the social side of sailing and especially enjoyed the odd gin and tonic after a day on the water.  She was affectionately known as the “ice queen” on our cruises as no matter where we were, Janet would find some way of ensuring a plentiful supply of ice on board for G&T time.  Last summer, after dinner in the rather posh Sirocco restaurant in The Royal Yacht hotel in St Helier, Janet chatted up the waiter who appeared with a huge bag of ice for her as we left. There was so much of it we had to dispose of most of it in some bushes on the walk back to the marina, but we did have some lovely iced G&Ts over the next few evenings.  Janet loved her music and a regular social evening on board would involve playing “beat the intro” quizzes using crewmembers music playlists. Janet would often end up withan earworm song stuck in her head and would spend most of the next day treating the crew to her rendition at regular intervals – luckily, she had a good singing voice!  Janet also loved her nautical fashion and any stopover in Salcombe had to take in the plethora of sailing shops on the walk up the hill to the Yacht Club showers and invariably ended with a new sweatshirt or top from the Quba shop.

Janet was an excellent cook who was always willing to cook on board and when several of our cruises started with an evening departure and a long overnight delivery passage shewould arrive on board, after a full day at work, with a delicious homemade lasagne. This was either consumed just before we left or on passage and helped sustain us through the overnight watches.

In summary Janet was the ideal member for PYC and perfect crewmate on any sailing trip. Her passion and enthusiasm for sailing and her joie de vivre was infectious and will be sorely missed by many PYC members. On my future PYC trips gin and tonic time will always feature a toast to Janet and bring back many memories of some wonderful and eventful cruises we shared to the West Country, the Channel Islands and the West Coast of Scotland. “

If you have any photos of Janet’s sailing activities that you would like to add to this gallery, please email them to comms@phoenixyachtclub.co.uk

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