PYC 25th Anniversary Celebration

1800 – Saturday 14th September 2019 – The Lightship at Haslar

After a fair bit of negotiating, preparing and generally rounding up the troops, the 25th celebration was a great success, with over 40 members and ex-members turning up at some point in the late afternoon and evening. It was really great to see some familiar faces, all of whom have been instrumental in forming and running the club over the last 25 years. As the evening went on, a lot of talk turned to ‘must get sailing again’ and we had the bonus of two potential new members expressing an interest in joining.

Looking Over Log Books

There were 10 boards packed full of photographs, stretching over the years and many faces recognised and marvelled over how young we all looked then. Of great interest was a chronology worked up by John Halliday, which is available as a spreadsheet, with a summary of the principal flag officers (and boats) added bonus.

The Lightship bar was in action all day, so nobody died of thirst if they arrived early. The buffet dinner laid on by Maria and her chef Jack, plus two very helpful waiters, served a sumptuous Tapas based menu, with cheesecake and cheese & biscuits to wind up. We had the whole front of the boat to ourselves, with the refurbished seating giving lots of space to spread out and eat in comfort. 34 celebrants had dinner, with several others popping in early or late to say hallo and join us for a drink or two.

Great end to a day’s sailing

Ted Sankey and Jonathan Gillams introduced the event and just got away with a couple of speeches before the food arrived, which diverted people’s attention a tad. The origins of the club are a colourful history that we should not forget and remind us how resilient the club is as a non-formal association, despite not having a land base, despite a constantly changing management team – and two very fine boats as the renewable asset.

The weather was really nice to us and the atmosphere decidedly convivial, so the fat, bald bloke with a loud shirt and clipboard managed to collect everyone’s dinner money without a hitch. As the evening wore on a lot of stories and sailing exploits came to be told, usually starting “do you remember that time……”

Quartette and Relax were in attendance but on their home berths due to dredging operations further along the marina, so the original plan to have them alongside the Lightship was scuppered by relocated boats. Apart from that, the evening was a great success, with friendships renewed and many pledges to get sailing, rejoin and muck in again.

Andy Bowerman

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