Commodore’s Highlights – A Day with Phoenix is Always A Gain!

Generally a sail goes to plan. We get the great pleasure from a day well sailed in good company, and celebrating over a good meal.

But even when forces conspire against, a day with Phoenix is still a day well enjoyed. That’s Phoenix companionship! 

This weekend for instance. On Saturday Laurence Cale and crew were stormbound in Gosport. Despite the forecast storm all gathered on Friday evening in a positive spirit and had a hearty supper!

After breakfast it was clear the storm was not going to let Quartette go out, but every problem brings an opportunity! US Coastguard Cutter Eagle, a tall ship used to train sailors, was in Portsmouth. So off to go on board. Quite an experience!

Then a walk around a large workshop where many historic vessels are being restored by craftsmen. Lastly, HMS Warrior, bringing together major technological advances to be the biggest and most powerful warship. 

A memorable afternoon was followed by great Sunday sailing – an example of how sailing with Phoenix provides great company for sailing and occasionally a unplanned delight. Remember your best sails?

Good news – there are plenty of good opportunities to book a sail in this late spring and early summer, midweek or weekends. There is an expanded programme for members to develop specific skills. 

So set yourself the aim of making another booking, for your own pleasure (and helping the Club maintain progress to the next yacht replacement!)  Even if not a skipper, if you have some dates or a plan in mind, let us ( bookings@phoenixyachtclub.co.uk ) know, or ask for a note in the newsletter. The Club will do all it can to make it happen. Bear in mind that QT will be away from 8 June, reducing the availability of sails close to home. . 

So do not delay! 

And now the Lollipop!

Small boats are very vulnerable to pier pressure!

Happy sailing!

Ted Sankey

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