Commodore’s Highlights – Celebrating our 25th Anniversary!

Twenty five years is quite something to be proud of as a yacht-owning club supported entirely by its membership. In that time we have owned six yachts, cruised far beyond UK shores, undertaken numerous Fastnets, often raced in the Solent and countless times in and across the Channel. We’ve become a RYA Practical Training Centre. There is vigorous participation and the current levels of membership are the highest they have ever been. 

This is something to celebrate! 

Andy Bowerman is going to organise an event.  The yachts themselves are likely to be away from Haslar, so the celebration may be elsewhere on the Solent’s north coastline or inland to the north-east. Andy would be delighted to know your particular recommendations or suggestions about location and type of event. Please let me know and I will pass them on (commodore@phoenixyachtclub.co.uk).

That milestone Management Committee meeting (Rear Commodore (Admin) Robert Lewcock absent overseas) considered the planning for the SDS scheme. Debbie, our Treasurer, emailed everyone about this with regard to 2019. The next step is to look beyond. 

We also considered topics we should look at during the year as part of continually improving the Club for its members. More will be reported as these get underway, but of course it includes continuing work in the Sailing Committee on making sure the Club is well prepared for a timely replacement of Quartette in two to four years. 

We will also work on a Club-wide look at its risks. Obviously we have well-developed risk assessments around our sailing and training activities, and we need to amalgamate them with non-marine risks and ensure all in the club is well controlled. 

The top priority for us all right now is to get our bookings in for the sailing, and think about friends you would like to introduce to the Club!

Happy Sailing!


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