Introductory Sails

If you are interested in joining PYC, we offer two types of opportunity for you to meet us and have a sail on one of our yachts. In both cases you would be an introductory member; paying £30 for one month of membership which starts on the date you first sail with us. If you decide to join this would be subtracted from the full membership fee.

1) Join a regular Club Sail

You join a regular club sail as an introductory member. Normally these would be two-day trips, with an overnight stop somewhere in the Solent, with a group of existing members. In this case the trip runs as a club sail and you would be charged normal sailing fees and your share of any trip expenses (e.g. provisions, fuel, marina fees).

2) Take part in a dedicated Introductory Sail

We don’t want to keep you waiting too long to take part in an introductory sail, so if there is sufficient demand from a number of potential members we organise dedicated trial sails. These are single day sails with an experienced club skipper and mate. These run on exactly the same basis as a club sail, but are a single day. During the summer this is most likely to be on a week day, because our boats will already be busy at weekends.

The cost is the respective sailing fee, plus introductory membership fee, plus your share of trip expenses (which for a single day sail is only a contribution to the cost of lunch and fuel used).

Please complete our Contact Form if you are interested in an Introductory Sail with PYC. We will work out availability, the cost of the sail and provide you with details of our bank account for payment.

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