Management Committee

The Management Committee are the Directors of Phoenix Yacht Club Ltd and are elected at the annual general meeting. They consist of the Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodores Sailing and Admin, the Treasurer and up to two members without portfolio. The Management Committee appoint the Company Secretary.

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Ted Sankey

The Club has given me sailing opportunities I could not have had without it, including access to good yachts and a community of sailors. It would be a pleasure to give something back again, since I was Treasurer very many years ago!

I’ve cruised and skippered with Phoenix as far afield as the Rias in Spain, the Danish archipelago, the Western Med, Brittany and around our shores. I’ve skippered our boats in Solent races for a number of years, and in a RORC race to St Malo and return. As crew I’ve twice entered the Fastnet and a number of RORC races. As skipper or crew, I’ve done over 10,000 nm. I am an offshore skipper in the Club.

Regarding my career, it began at BP in corporate development here and abroad, including at a specialist engineering subsidiary. I then entered consultancy and latterly I’ve led risk management development in banking and insurance, including as Director of Operational Risk at one of the big banks here. I’m a Past Chairman of the Institute of Operational Risk and an Honorary Life Member of the Institute of Risk Management.

The Club is in a good shape thanks to the work of its officers and to the fees from a good level of members’ sailing. The training we offer, informally to members and as an RYA centre, is a great strategic asset to the Club.

Because of good income and forward planning we can look to the replacement of Quartette before long and to enjoying the momentum it will give the Club. Offering appealing boats is essential to recruitment, participation, and ultimately the Club’s development.

If elected I would aim to ensure we have a team which continues to work well together, is ensuring all aspects of the Club are fully effective, is constantly looking to bring new opportunities to us, and enables new and existing members to fulfil their enthusiasm for sailing, including progression as skipper if they wish.

I will also make it a priority to build diversity in the membership, and ensure we identify members who can in due course assist in Club management, operations and admin. in order to have strength in depth.

It would be an honour to be Commodore. I would work hard at fulfilling your expectations.

Vice Commodore

David Brookes

I started sailing in the 60’s in dinghies before moving up to cruising with the family in flotilla holidays worldwide and many sailing days on PYC boats. I have an RYA Coastal skippers ticket  and  I am an Offshore skipper with the club  having been involved with the PYC for over 30 years including spells as bosun, Commodore and Vice Commodore.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Vice Commodore – deputize for and support the Commodore at MC , AGM and EGM meetings.
  • Provide a long term view for the overall health and sustainability of the club.
  • Member of Sub group of MC responsible for boat replacement including present campaign to replace Spellbinder.


Rear Commodore (Sailing)

Richard Ash

Have fun sailing in a club atmosphere where we all contribute and look after each other

This is my 32nd season cruising on sailing yachts and I have cruised many of the coasts of the UK, Belgium, France, The Netherlands and the Baltic. I have also enjoyed warmer cruising in the Mediterranean, Canaries, and Caribbean. I am qualified to RYA Yachtmaster Offshore level and have done the theory for Ocean too, but so far have not made Ocean passages.

Having shared ownership of two yachts before moving to the South coast and joining PYC in 2008, I was quickly identified as a potential bosun, a role I have fulfilled since 2010 on Firebird, then Quartette and in the last year Relax. In this role I have also been a member of the sailing committee for nine years under three different chairs. I was one of the team who selected Relax and led the equipment specification and commissioning of her into the club alongside the RC-S, Trevor Nicholls. I am a PYC Offshore skipper and sailed 34 days on the clubs yachts in 2018. I have supported new people coming into the bosunry role and am confident that we can move on with new lead bosuns for each yacht working as part of a larger bosunry team in the club.

I joined the Management Committee in 2017 with the objective of contributing to refreshing the club’s operating model for the future, while retaining the club ethos. As well as getting an overview of the club from a management perspective, I have contributed to revision of the election processes, recently to the development of our strategy and articulation of our ethos and club charter. In my time on the committees I have gained a good appreciation of the breadth of activity of the club and feel I can confidently steer the sailing committee through the next phase of the club’s life.

The club has succeeded, through careful planning and good financial governance, to achieve a model which allows us to have a rolling programme of boat replacement, while maintaining our position of modest daily sailing rates and a low membership fee. Having navigated the difficulties of tightening our rules to avoid being considered a commercial operation, we still have a good number of new members coming through as a result of advertising our compelling offering and making people welcome when they join. I believe that the thrust for the coming few years should be to sustain the model we have built so that we can replace Quartette, maintain the cruising, racing and training programmes that make PYC unique, and above all have fun going sailing. In doing this we must all remember that we are a club and not a business with paid employees. we would like everyone to think how they can make a contribution beyond paying their fees and turning up to sail.

Role and Responsibilities

Chairman of the Sailing Committee, equivalent to the clubs Managing Director, responsible for achieving SC objectives and managing our sailing programme, our boats and sailing activities.

Rear Commodore (Admin)

Robert Lewcock

I was first cast adrift in a small rowing boat in the North Sea in the 1950s; during the 1960s I moved onto dinghy sailing on the River Deben. I joined the Royal Navy in 1968 and continued to enjoy sailing, gaining a day skipper ticket in a 42′ Morgan Giles yacht.  My nautical activities now focus on leisure sailing, primarily in PYC, and I qualified as a Yachtmaster Offshore in 2016

Role and Responsibilities

Responsible to the Rear Commodore (Sailing) for the efficient administration of the Club’s day-to-day operations.


Debbie Roberts

Role and Responsibilities

  1. Causes such books of account to be kept as are necessary to give a true and accurate view of the state of finances of the Club and in accordance with the requirements of the Companies Act.
  2. Administers such insurance policy or policies as may be needed to fully protect the interests of the Club, its assets, Officers and members.
  3. Prepares the annual budget for ratification by the Sailing Committee and Management Committee.
  4. Operates the Club bank accounts.
  5. Monitors the financial progress of the Club throughout the year.
  6. Administers the Subscription Discount Scheme and keeps a register of all subscribers, and those wishing to be repaid.

Ordinary Member

Andy Bowerman

Joining PYC in the mid 1990’s, I have been Spellbinder Bosun twice, once in 1996 for two years and again from 2011 until 2017. I was also Rear Commodore for many years in the early 2000’s, going on to take up the newly created Rear Commodore (Sailing) Role. This long-standing experience of club management offers continuity and an awareness of historic club ethos.

I have sailed some 25,000 miles since joining PYC, much of it in the club boats, often as skipper, but equally happy in more humble roles. Having taken Spellbinder, both Enchantress’s and Quartette to many destinations between the Baltic, Mediterranean, Ireland and NW Spain, I have an eye on Relax’s very long legs as a (maybe) ticket to more ambitious adventures.

On the personal front, I now live in South Northamptonshire, work full time as an experienced Highway Engineer on an M1 Smart Motorway Project and might stop work when its finished, by which time I will be well into my 70’s. Over the years, my staff have realised that sailing takes precedence, so that healthy attitude will be perpetuated, allowing me to give the role the time and effort it deserves.

Ordinary Member

Tinu Cornish

Sailing Experience

Although I did a couple of years dinghy sailing on the broads when I was 16, I did not start sailing again until 2006. I started with comp crew did some flotillas with the family and crewing for Cruising Association members and then started slowly working my way through my RYA qualifications. I now have my YM practical and hope to pass my YM coastal exam this year. I enjoy and have participated in all forms of sailing and actively sail both yachts and dinghies.  I have been an active member of PYC and have engaged in the full range of activities we put on. I did a Fastnet campaign in 2015, I have skipped a leg of the summer cruise and for the past 3 years, as well as club weekends. I have done a range of training courses with the club as well.

Reason for being on the Management Committee

I train people all over the country and when ever I tell them my favourite sport is sailing, they all assume that I own a yacht and must be rich. I think sailing is a fantastic activity and I think it is really important that we have clubs like PYC that make it affordable and accessible for everyone. Phoenix makes it possible for individuals to find other like-minded people to sail with and to engage in a wide range of sailing activities. I want to continue as a general committee member because I want to ensure that the club continues to be affordable and welcoming for all so that it continues to attract enthusiastic and committed members. As an organisational psychologist my expertise lies in helping organisations design ways of operating that encourage a diverse range of members and an inclusive culture and I will use this expertise to support the club in doing so in everything it does.

Some years ago, I was a trustee of a vocational educational foundation which – very unfortunately – went into receivership. This experience has not only taught me the importance of good financial management but also the vital importance of good governance. A key commitment for me in my role on the management committee is to support the club to be positive and functional in the way that it operates and to be open, transparent and accountable in the way that it engages with members.