2019 Summer Cruise – Week 8

La Trinité to Brest

(Skipper Richard Ash with Tony King, Judith Hankey, Ray Beadell, and Mike Poppleton) 

On Friday 26th July Tony, Ray and I arrived at the Terminus Hotel, Auray via plane and train, on our way to join Quartette  the next day. Judith met us as we got off the bus in blazing sunshine – which wasn’t to last! – at La Trinité.

Sunrise at La Trinité

A day of maintenance (R, R and T) and of sightseeing at Carnac (J and M) was followed by dinner overlooking the marina, and the discovery of the local “Café Gourmand” – an artistic collection of mini-portions of all the desserts on the menu, with an espresso. Highly recommended!

Dinner on the beach at Port-Louis

We finally set off in sunshine on Sunday, motoring until midday and then having a good sail in F4-5 into Port-Louis. Thus ended the sailing for the time being as a storm came in from the Atlantic. The unhappy prospect of sitting the storm out aboard, with nothing to do, evaporated when we started our sightseeing. In Lorient, a short ferry ride from Port-Louis, is the Kéroman Submarine Base, built by the German occupying forces in WW2 to protect and maintain their fleet in the War of the Atlantic. If that extraordinary history wasn’t enough, the Cité de la Voile next door is a very impressive museum of sailing. It is inspired by Éric Tabardy, the iconic French ocean sailor and yacht designer. On a more practical note, Ray very creatively replaced a damaged locker hinge in the cockpit with webbing. 

After two days ashore we set off for Bénodet on Wednesday, ably skippered by Tony. A very pretty riverside village with the marina a 5-minute putter upriver.


On Thursday Mike skippered us on to Sainte-Evette near Audierne where we spent the night on a buoy. Homecooked cous cous went down very well with a nice Saint-Emilion on deck in the evening sunshine. On our last day at sea, Ray took us round the fabled wild channel of the Raz du Sein – where the water swelled gently with barely a ripple on it. A school of dolphins came to play alongside and underneath us, making a pretty special few minutes. The wind then picked up for a very nice sail outside the Goulet de Brest, the entry channel into Brest harbour. Another great sail and good marina ended the week very well.

Raz du Sein

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