2019 Summer Cruise – Week 3

Week three, based on Pornichet, involved John Buckley (sk), Judith Hankey (mate), Frances Buckley, and Chris Watts. 

John and Judith, breakfast La Turballe

We enjoyed a splendid week in this area off the Loire estuary, adjusting our programme as we went in response to wind forecasts and local race programmes that book out visitor spaces at their ports.  [It is worth phoning ahead to planned destination ports].

From Pornichet, we called at;

  • Piriac, with a spell at anchor [albeit electric windlass presently not working] waiting for its tidal gate,
  • Le Palais on Belle île, where we took a day out to explore the island on bicycles as far as the picturesque second port, Sauzon (which has mooring buoys and drying berths only),
  • La Turballe, after a pre-dawn start (!) and a lively sail to beat the predicted contrary winds,
  • Pornic, after a long, languid sail; at one time briefly surrounded by two pods of dolphins squeaking at us (anything to attract attention!).   We would have liked to have time for a second day out to explore this very pretty port.
  • Back to Pornichet, shaking off a sea mist that had thickened through the course of the morning. 

Our favourite destination for the week was le Palais, which was also made memorable by a visit from the Customs.  They were quite charming, albeit potentially mob-handed with colleagues in their inflatable alongside, and very thorough with our paperwork.  It was a great help to have all the ship’s papers in a single folder [now also containing the list of members, who are entitled to sail on the boats].  Happily, it was clear that all was well before one of the crew’s store of euros fell out of their passport onto the table…..  “You don’t have to bribe me now”, we were assured, “your paperwork is perfectly in order”!  Phew.

Now, why is it that the desk in my study keeps rocking?

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