Passage Plan – Lyon to Marseille

Passage Plan

It is our intention to take Quartette from Lyon, via the Rhone to Port st Louis, where we will enter the Mediterranean sea. At the Navy Services Yard we will re-mast and rig the boat for an 18NM passage to Marseille Veiux Port. This is primarily a quite relaxing river cruise, running with the current, through some nice (and sometimes not so nice) bits of France. Ports are few, so careful planning required – highlight is Avignon.

Approximate Distances:Overall: 323km (174NM) plus 10 very big locks, one enormous (Bolleen) and one silly small lock at the sea end.
Sunrise is around 0530, Sunset around 2230
Key Issues and pre-passage actions:
  • Jerry, Carla and Andy meet at Horley, Thursday evening 29th May
  • Andy has to book Channel Tunnel for 0600ish on Friday 30th.
  • Book hotel for Friday night – Shop en-route.
  • Abandon car in Lyon.
  • Meet Bob and crew Sat morning for handover, take off for Givors/Condrieu asap.
  • Assumed ladies have a cabin each, gents share main cabin.
Outline Passage Plan:
Friday 30th May          Andy, Carla and Jerry drive to Lyon – overnight at Chalons or similar. Jo already on boat.
Saturday 31st May     Lyon meet outgoing crew am and join the Rhone pm, for either Givors or Condrieu.
Sunday 1st June        Plan A or B depending on conditions, weather and crew preferences. See map below.
Monday                      Ditto
Tuesday                     Ditto
Wednesday                Spend all day in Avignon or press on to Port st Louis.
Thursday                   Relax in Port St Louis or en-route from Avignon.
Friday                         Mast up at 0800, set rigging and leave for Marseille asap. It is about 18M across the bay to the Veiux Port, so about 4 hours and a jolly nice sail. There are two visitors’ pontoons and we will try for the one nearest the centre of port.
Saturday                    Jo needs to be at the station for 0600ish, 1200 handover to Andy Connor and crew, or later time as arranged.
                                    Afternoon train to Lyon, rescue car and overnight at Chalons.

The Rhone  Plan B
Sat 31 – 18km x 1 lock to Port at Givors
Sun 1st May – 93km x 4 locks to Valence Marina
Mon – 107km x 5 locks to L’Ardoise Port
Tues – 25km x 1 lock to Avignon, pm in town
Wed – 79km and one lock to Port St Louis:  Bridge at 1615 or 1845.
Thurs – relax, Port st Louis.
Fri am – crane booked to demast at 0800. Friday night Marseille.

The Rhone Plan A
Sat 31 – 40km x 2 locks to Marina at Condrieu
Sun 1st May – 72km x 3 locks to Valence Marina
Mon – 54km x 3 locks to Viviers Port
Tuesday – 78km x 3 locks to Avignon
Wednesday – All day in Avignon
Thursday – 79km and one lock to Port St Louis:  Bridge at 1615 or 1845.
Friday am – crane booked to demast at 0800. Friday night Marseille.

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