Quartette and Crew arrive safely at Haslar on Schedule after 20 week Summer Cruise

Bob Cousins and his crew of Terry Kellett, John Charrett and John Buckley brought Quartette into Haslar exactly on schedule on Saturday 20th September, 20 weeks after leaving UK for the Mediterranean Summer Cruise.

Bob and Terry were among those on board for the first week of the cruise, starting on 3rd May.  After the cross Channel passage to Le Havre, QT was demasted in Rouen and taken along the French canals through Paris, Briare, Chalons to Lyon. Linda Cousins, Lenie Stephens and Jo Fergusson were also on board for this part of the canal cruise. Andy Bowerman, Jerry Jones and Jan Futcher then took QT down the Rhone to Marseille, arriving there on 7th June.

After some fun and games finding the lost mast and getting it put back on, Andy Connor, Deborah Abbott, Leonie Covenie and David Adshead took her to Hyeres near Toulon. From there a new crew of Kiki Connor, Jenny and Richard Baker took her to Menton, just east of Monte Carlo, where John Halliday took over as skipper. His crew was Alice Halliday, Sue Fowle, Rob Searle and Andy Bowerman; they set out overnight to Corsica and sailed around the island.

Steve Greenham and Debbie Roberts, first with Caroline Buchanan and Matt Pistol, then a second week with John Purdy and Chris Watts encountered some very strong winds in Corsica and Sardinia.

John Sheild took over in Olbia on 12th July with Chantal Thompson, Louise Robertson, Alex Robertson-Brown, Keighley Jones and Ned Thompson as crew.

Andy Bowerman with crew, Dean and Helen Colegate and Jon Kulik-Szafranski, then took the boat on the 60 hour passage against a strong NE wind from Sardinia to Mallorca, where Judith Hankie took over as skipper on 26th July. Her crew for circumnavigating Mallorca was Richard Ash, Simon Smith and the Colgates.

Ted Sankey skippered another, shorter, overnight passage from Mallorca to the Spanish mainland with crew, Paul Carlin, John Charrett and Judith Hankey, In Barcelona, Jonathan Gillams took over as skipper with his wife, Lorna MacKenzie, and sons Angus and Hamish plus guest, Miska Malinova, and John Charrett. They brought QT back into France and demasted at Sete on 16th August.

Jonathan then brought the boat up the Canal du Midi to Carcassonne with crew, Jan Futcher, daughter Cat van Doorn plus John Stollery and his wife Gill. The canal was just deep enough for the onward journey to Toulouse which was skippered by Diana La Rue with crew Andy and Kiki Connor plus Hazel Wilcox.

Bob Cousins, Terry Kellett, John Charrett, Andy Bowerman and Nicola Toone took over in Toulouse on 30th August setting out immediately for Bordeaux and Pauillac on the Garonne Estuary where the mast was replaced. Bob, Terry and John took her out into the Bay of Biscay and up to Concarneau, where John Buckley joined them for the final passage around Brittany back to Haslar, via Plymouth.

It was a most successful cruise and we must again express our thanks to Andy Bowerman, who organised it, and also the 54 people who took part, most of whom committed to come before the end of 2013. Special thanks must also be extended to those who took on several weeks, notably Bob Cousins (7 weeks), Terry Kellett (7 weeks), Andy Bowerman (4 weeks), John Carrett (4 weeks). I managed only 3 weeks! 

Andy Connor

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