Quartette becomes mast free again!

Saturday 16th August has seen Quartette off on her Canal-du-Midi trip from Sete (Frontignan marina) to Carcassonne, then on to Bordeaux. Once again she is de-masted and converted into a motor launch, with multitudes of fenders, two folding bikes and plenty of sun cream!

The de-masting was trouble free, aided by the usual sign language exchange with the dock crew (who were very good) and getting the crane lifting strop into the right position by putting the lightest crew member half way up the mast (well done Hamish).

As you can see it was a beautiful day and a very convenient location, with a bar right next to operations!
With the mast left behind to be packed up ready for its lorry trip to Pauillac (Bordeaux), Quartette set off that afternoon for the Canal du Midi, avoiding any possible shallows by parking next to the first convenient British flagged boat available!

 The picture above shows Quartette waiting for the new lifting road bridge at Frontignan, which opens at 1600LT allowing a bit of give and take for French timekeeping! Last report was from a crew happily berthed in Mese marina on the Etang de Thau, so the bridge did open for them. Bon voyage.

Now they just have to keep to the deeper centre of the canal, push all the hire boats to the side and enjoy the fun.

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