Successful re-masting of Quartette on the Garonne

Just a quick line to say that QT was successfully re-masted in Pauillac, despite a broken crane (we used the dock ‘baby’ alternative as per photo’s attached), rigging tensioned and re-fitted. The last I heard Bob, Terry and John were happily sailing north, in Biscay, somewhere.

There were no major issues with the re-masting operation, other than the deck electrical connections which the on-board electrical engineer is dealing with. We fitted a new tricolor/anchor light and a new steam/deck flood.

After a delightful, relaxing and sunny week motor boating from Toulouse to Pauillac, I am happy to report that apart from the cruise back to Gosport, the Mediterranean Summer Cruise is concluded. There are a few accounting issues to clear up and we need to see if there is any significant canal/river damage to QT’s hull when she comes out, but as far as I know there are no other boat issues to worry about.

Andy Bowerman 8th September 2014


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