Summer Cruise Proposal 2015 – East Coast

The Sailing Committee proposes a 2015 Summer Cruise based on the East Coast of England, likely to commence from Haslar on 29 June – just after the Round-the-Island race on 27 June.

There are some good, general reasons for holding the cruise in this area:
1. It is a popular sailing area but one that is unfamiliar to many PYC members;
2. It is easily accessible to members by rail and car;
3. There are numerous possible crew-change points;
4. The sailing is generally suitable for Club Inshore skippers, but with opportunities for those with appropriate experience to sail more widely;
5. There should be no major budgetary considerations;
6. Access to general repair facilities and chandleries is easy.

For inshore skippers, a good week could be spent simply between the Walton Backwaters and Woodbridge (up the River Deben), and taking in the Rivers Stour and Orwell.

A more extensive cruise might be from Burnham-on-Crouch to Lowestoft or even as far as Wells-next-the-Sea.

And for the offshore skipper, Ostende is just an over-night sail away with time for a cruise to Vlissingen and possibly Middelburg.

Detailed proposals are being drawn up for consideration – an outline is given in the October Newsletter, and further details in PYC Member DocumentsSailing Programme.

2 thoughts on “Summer Cruise Proposal 2015 – East Coast

  1. I appreciate Judith has put a lot of effort into this but take up seems very low and many of those skippers who have committed seem to be planning to use it as a jumping off point for the continent, so I wonder just how much interest there really is in the East Coast? Conversely, the West Coast cruise seems to have filled up in days. Perhaps we need to rethink? Base the boat on the Dutch or Belgian coast so that inshore skippers can sail that side of the North Sea? Increase the number of weeks in the West Country by not returning until the end of October…? It's all about what will fill the boats.

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