Tinu Cornish

Sailing Experience

Although I did a couple of years dinghy sailing on the broads when I was 16, I did not start sailing again until 2006. I started with comp crew did some flotillas with the family and crewing for Cruising Association members and then started slowly working my way through my RYA qualifications. I now have my YM practical and hope to pass my YM coastal exam this year. I enjoy and have participated in all forms of sailing and actively sail both yachts and dinghies.  I have been an active member of PYC and have engaged in the full range of activities we put on. I did a Fastnet campaign in 2015, I have skipped a leg of the summer cruise and for the past 3 years, as well as club weekends. I have done a range of training courses with the club as well.

Reason for being on the Management Committee

I train people all over the country and when ever I tell them my favourite sport is sailing, they all assume that I own a yacht and must be rich. I think sailing is a fantastic activity and I think it is really important that we have clubs like PYC that make it affordable and accessible for everyone. Phoenix makes it possible for individuals to find other like-minded people to sail with and to engage in a wide range of sailing activities. I want to continue as a general committee member because I want to ensure that the club continues to be affordable and welcoming for all so that it continues to attract enthusiastic and committed members. As an organisational psychologist my expertise lies in helping organisations design ways of operating that encourage a diverse range of members and an inclusive culture and I will use this expertise to support the club in doing so in everything it does.

Some years ago, I was a trustee of a vocational educational foundation which – very unfortunately – went into receivership. This experience has not only taught me the importance of good financial management but also the vital importance of good governance. A key commitment for me in my role on the management committee is to support the club to be positive and functional in the way that it operates and to be open, transparent and accountable in the way that it engages with members.

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