Ted Sankey

I am pleased to stand for re-election as Commodore of the Phoenix Yacht Club.

It has been a very active year for the Club. As Commodore I’ve been the chairman of the Management Committee which has been very busy, and I know it has been the same on the Sailing Committee, chaired by Richard Ash. Many thanks are due to all who have given time to the Club, on the Committees and off, and kept the Club in good shape.

The Club has given me sailing opportunities I could not have had otherwise, including access to good yachts and a community of yachtsmen. It would be a pleasure in 2020 again to give something back, since I was Treasurer of the BP Yacht Club, which became PYC!

I’ve cruised and skippered with Phoenix as far afield as the Rias in Spain, the Danish archipelago, the Western Med, Brittany and around our shores. I’ve skippered our boats in Solent races for a number of years, and in a RORC race to St Malo and return. As crew I’ve twice entered the Fastnet and a number of RORC races. As skipper or crew, I’ve done over 10,000 nm. I am an offshore skipper in the Club.

In my sailing last year, I included the Summer Cruise, a RORC race, and taking a crew of new members out. It is great to be part of a sailing club that offers such variety of sailing experience!

As will be reported in the AGM, in the last year the Management Committee undertook initiatives, for example, to improve how the Club manages some key activities, to improve the systematic management of the club’s risks, and make clearer the expectations members can have of being in the society of the Club.

I contributed a Commodore’s Piece to the Club Newsletter in almost every edition. I hope they have been enjoyed, and if elected I’ll aim to continue to do something in each Newsletter. Feedback would always be welcome!

It was very happy that we celebrated the Club’s 25th Anniversary in an enjoyable event. Andy Bowerman organised a great social and as a founding member it was very pleasing!

My professional background began at BP in corporate development here and abroad, including at a specialist engineering subsidiary. I then entered consultancy and latterly I’ve led risk management development in banking and insurance, including as Director of Operational Risk at one of the big banks here. I’m a Past Chairman of the Institute of Operational Risk and an Honorary Life Member of the Institute of Risk Management.

The Club is in a sound basic shape as it approaches its next big commitment of buying QT’s replacement, thanks to the work of its officers (with special thanks to Debbie Roberts who as Treasurer has kept on eagle eye on the short and the longer term finances) through and since the big step of buying RelaX. The challenge for 2020 is to maintain and grow the amount of sailing we do, and he Sailing Committee has planned a valuable programme of training and new initiatives in racing. The training we offer, informally to members and as an RYA centre, is a great strategic asset to the Club.

As a Club we need to promote membership and retention, increase sailing activity, and encourage volunteers to join the team to have strength in depth. We should also seek more diversity in the membership and on the committees.

It would be an honour to be Commodore for a further year. I would work hard at fulfilling your expectations.

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