Steve Greenham

I have been a member of PYC since 2008 and started sailing a few years before that, initially participating in my work sailing club’s annual regattas which used Sunsail boats. That gave me the sailing bug and I was introduced to PYC by a diving friend who told me “it’s as cheap as chips!”. I have progressed with the club to Yachtmaster Offshore and am a club Coastal Skipper, in the process of upgrading to Offshore Skipper. In 2019 I sailed for 70 days, 60 of them with the club, although work commitments are likely to restrict me to weekends only in 2020.

In my working life I am a consultant specialising in Cybersecurity and Information Risk Management. My background was in the pharmaceutical industry, but I have worked across a number of industry sectors as a senior manager with a Big Four management consultancy and in financial services. I ran my own limited company from 2016 to 2020 but have recently accepted a role with a global IT Services company as a managing consultant in their Internet of Things and Operational Technology CyberSecurity division.

I previously served on the Sailing Committee, as Newsletter Editor, for two years in 2008 and 2009 and on the Management Committee, as an Ordinary Member, for three years 2014-2016, then returned to the Sailing Committee to establish a new role as Marketing and Communications Officer from 2017 to 2020. The role of Marketing and Communications Officer gave me responsibility for maintaining communications with existing members while also reaching out to potential members to bring in the new blood we need to keep the club active and healthy.

As Rear Commodore (Admin) my approach will be to build a team to cover all of the administrative aspects of the club, while retaining accountability to ensure they are done. I have observed that the nature of volunteering has changed since I joined the club and we now struggle to find members willing to take on the traditional Sailing Committee roles. While some members are happy to take on a full Committee role and manage all aspects of it throughout the year, others prefer to take on smaller commitments; possibly helping with just one aspect of a role or participating in a project on an occasional basis.

We need to be respectful of members’ time, skills and motivation and enable all members to support the club on their own terms, rather than imposing a job description upon them. We have already seen this approach work successfully in maintaining the club yachts, with permanent bosuns supported by specialists to look after (e.g.) the boat electronics. Other members volunteer on an occasional basis to participate in working parties and boat deliveries to boat yards. I would hope to extend this approach to the administrative side of the club, giving more members the opportunity and encouragement to use their business skills to support PYC. All members should be able to do something to support the club, and typically the admin tasks can be done from home and whenever convenient. The only way we can keep fees low is if we are all willing to contribute our time and expertise to the club – otherwise we have to pay someone to do the necessary tasks and put up fees to cover the cost.

Role and Responsibilities

Responsible to the Rear Commodore (Sailing) for the efficient administration of the Club’s day-to-day operations.

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