Tom Lynch

Role summary:

To promote the safe operation of sailing activities by developing and maintaining appropriate safety frameworks within the club.

Responsible to:

Rear Commodore – Sailing

Role detail:

  1. To develop, maintain and promote PYC safety guidelines and procedures.
  2. To keep up to date with RNLI, RYA and RORC/ISAF safety matters and advise Sailing Committee as appropriate.
  3. To work with the bosuns to ensure that safety equipment on PYC boats conforms with the requirements of the Club, is operational and ‘in-date’, and to maintain the safety equipment record.
  4. To work with the club RYA Training Principal and the Racing Officer to ensure the correct safety equipment is on board to meet RYA and RORC/ISAF criteria and is operational and ‘in-date’.
  5. To be a named contact on the club’s CG66 entries for our boats and be aware of the requirements should an incident take place.
  6. As such a designated contact, to receive from the skipper and log the ‘Notification of Crew and Contact Details’ (‘Next of Kin’ form) for each passage undertaken by a PYC boat.
  7. To work with the Rear Commodores as required when reviewing Incident Reports and to put in place remedial actions where appropriate.
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