Nigel Aldridge

Been sailing since 2015 and am currently an RYA Coastal Skipper. Done the Round the Island Race, Fastnet (2017), I have done about 12 Channel Crossings (6 there 6 back) Did a cruise  in 2018 on my friends boat from Eyemouth, Wick, Orkneys, Fair Isle, Shetlands and back.I have over 4,500M logged. Going for Yachtmaster in October this year.
My hobbies, besides sailing are, playing the violin which I took up 7 years ago and attempting Grade 5 at the end of this year. I am also an avid birdwatcher. So if you ever get to sail with me it is also a bird spotting adventure too.

Role and Responsibilities

  1. Keeps register of all members & their contact details.
  2. Keeps list of members wishing to join, where numbers exceed limits
  3. Acts as central point of contact for all potential new members to the club.
  4. Makes contact with & issue club literature to all potential new club members.
  5. Assists all potential new club members in experiencing first sail on a club boat.
  6. Presents potential new club members for election to the club at Sailing committee meetings.
  7. Continues to act as point of contact for all members new to the club (eg assisting them in getting to know the club & its members, and their second sail on a club boat).
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