David Hiscock

I learned to sail dinghies at School in the late 60’s early 70’s and then took up sailing again in the 1980’s, sailing dinghies and racing a Hobie Cat 18 quite competitively. I started sailing larger boats in the late 80’s and purchased a 26ft trailer sailer in 1992. In 1995 I joined some friends and we purchased a Sigma 33, racing and cruising in the Solent and taking part in the occasional JOG race. In 2003 we purchased a Bavaria 38 which we used mainly for cruising and in 2010 we sold the Bavaria and I purchased an Etap 30i which I sold in 2017. I qualified as a Yachtmaster Offshore in 2001 and became a shore based instructor in 2007. Having sold my boat mainly due to lack of crew I am looking forward to a full season sailing this year with the club.

Role summary:
To coordinate the maintenance of RelaX, working around club bookings, with the objective of keeping her in a seaworthy condition with as little interruption as possible to the sailing schedule as possible.

Responsible to:
PYC RC Sailing for performance of the role and PYC Treasurer for expenditure.
Additional support will be provided by a wider Bosunry team.

Role detail:
1. Develop a maintenance plan and an operating budget with the Treasurer, RC-S and the other PYC Bosun.

2. Plan and coordinate routine maintenance, working with suppliers, contractors, and other club members.

3. Work with the Bosun of other PYC boat to share ideas and workload and endeavour to keep at least one club boat in service to support bookings.

4. Develop a network of Bosunry specialists in the club to spread the load.

5. Reactively resolve unexpected issues making use of whatever resources are available. The ability to travel to Haslar will be a strong benefit for this.

6. A willingness and ability to resolve issues hands-on will be valuable.

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