Andy Bowerman

Joining PYC in the mid 1990’s, I have been Spellbinder Bosun twice, once in 1996 for two years and again from 2011 until 2017. I was also Rear Commodore for many years in the early 2000’s, going on to take up the newly created Rear Commodore (Sailing) Role. This long-standing experience of club management offers continuity and an awareness of historic club ethos.

I have sailed some 25,000 miles since joining PYC, much of it in the club boats, often as skipper, but equally happy in more humble roles. Having taken Spellbinder, both Enchantress’s and Quartette to many destinations between the Baltic, Mediterranean, Ireland and NW Spain, I have an eye on Relax’s very long legs as a (maybe) ticket to more ambitious adventures.

On the personal front, I now live in South Northamptonshire, work full time as an experienced Highway Engineer on an M1 Smart Motorway Project and might stop work when its finished, by which time I will be well into my 70’s. Over the years, my staff have realised that sailing takes precedence, so that healthy attitude will be perpetuated, allowing me to give the role the time and effort it deserves.

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