Restricted wash gives Quartette smooth passage to Briare

Gosport to Lyon – week 2:  Paris to Briare. A wet weekend in Paris. Sunday morning in Paris brought more showers with tantalising glimpses of the sun. With the bill paid and the water tank topped up we slipped out of Arsenal Marina in time to catch the one-way system and give Jo a boatman’s tour […]

PYC Med Summer Cruise: Week 1 Cruise Report

Skipper Bob Crew: Linda, Lenie, Terry, Andy B     (as per Members Bookings Calendar on PYC website.)   After closely watching the weather for a week we were fairly certain that the summer cruise would have a gentle start.   We left Gosport just as the RORC racers were leaving the Cowes starting line and as […]

PYC 2014 Mediterranean Summer Cruise – Update 10th May 2014

This update confirms that Quartette has reached Paris today and all is going well. This follows a relatively uneventful de-masting in Rouen, with the mast beautifully cling film wrapped, securely bound and labelled, all ready for collection by Boatload International, the mast transporter. This is the first of two de-mastings and apart from me forgetting […]

Passage Plan – Lyon to Marseille

Passage Plan It is our intention to take Quartette from Lyon, via the Rhone to Port st Louis, where we will enter the Mediterranean sea. At the Navy Services Yard we will re-mast and rig the boat for an 18NM passage to Marseille Veiux Port. This is primarily a quite relaxing river cruise, running with […]

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