Size for Size, The Solent is Tops

You know what it is like: you live somewhere for years but never see how the local features – buildings or natural features – are so special and distinctive. I’d lived in London for years before I visited the Tower of London, and that time was only because some holidaying friends especially wanted to see […]

Women and Endurance

Reading of Jeanne Socrates completing her solo non-stop round-the-world sail left me full of admiration. Anyone sailing around the world gets my admiration, even if stopping and with crew! Actually the same goes for sailing the Atlantic and less! What doubly caught my eye was that Jeanne did it at the age of 77. I […]

Two Personal Club Highlights in One Weekend!

Here’s An Idea! Last Sunday, that glorious reminder of the best summer days, for the first time I did a Club day sail! All my Club sailing has involved at least two nights on board. Last Sunday I had a delightful day sail in the Solent, with John Halliday, Paul Carlin, Janet Dalton and newbie […]

PYC 25th Anniversary Celebration

After a fair bit of negotiating, preparing and generally rounding up the troops, the 25th celebration was a great success, with over 40 members and ex-members turning up at some point in the late afternoon and evening. It was really great to see some familiar faces, all of whom have been instrumental in forming and running the club over the last 25 years.

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