Aaaah, Boat Shows

The pre-eminent boat show in the UK, in Southampton in September, delivers a feast of information about yachts, equipment and personal paraphernalia. Maybe a few decisions as well! And not least, opportunities to met friends and acquaintances and exchange tales of the sailing summer. The pleasure of walking on the latest yachts is sweet, and […]

2020 Sailing Programme

The Sailing Committee are pleased to announce the dates of club organised sailing events in 2020. Please read on for details of the: Summer Cruise Racing Programme Training Programme Summer Cruise The planned 2020 Summer Cruise will be split into two parts: Quartette will be based in the West Country from Monday 1st June 2020 […]

Remembering Janet

As a result of Janet’s very active Club sailing many members got to know her and deeply feel the loss of her. Janet made an impact on all and was great company. She joined the Club relatively recently, in 2017, and dived right in. The enjoyment she took from all aspects of yachting was evident […]

Size for Size, The Solent is Tops

You know what it is like: you live somewhere for years but never see how the local features – buildings or natural features – are so special and distinctive. I’d lived in London for years before I visited the Tower of London, and that time was only because some holidaying friends especially wanted to see […]

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