Laurence and crew take the helm of Eagle

Commodore’s Highlights – A Day with Phoenix is Always A Gain!

Generally a sail goes to plan. We get the great pleasure from a day well sailed in good company, and celebrating over a good meal. But even when forces conspire against, a day with Phoenix is still a day well enjoyed. That’s Phoenix companionship!  This weekend for instance. On Saturday Laurence Cale and crew were […]

Commodore’s Highlights – At Last! I’m Off The Hook!

Who is the most famous sailor? Older people might nominate Chichester, the first to sail single-handed around the world. (Some will shout Joshua Slocum but the debate is not my purpose here!) Ainslie has a great career ongoing. MacArthur, Caffari and a long list of others have done tremendous things. But Knox-Johnston’s career of achievement […]

Commodore’s Highlights – The weather is fair…

The weather is fair and the Solent beckons! I’m actually going out on consecutive weekends, and it’s the first time I’ve done that as far as I can recall!   I’m bringing along an Introductory Member for one of them as well. I’ve found that people who give the club a try find it very much […]

Pornichet Marina

A possible cruise from Pornichet back to Pornichet

This is just an example there are many more options and one is described separately of going up into the Roche River. Pornichet is a good changeover base because it is a modern, fairly sophisticated resort with plenty of shops to stock up on the essentials such as beer for the week. Pornichet to L’Herbaudiere […]

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