Quartette and the Canal du Midi!

Saturday 16th August 2014 saw Quartette off on her Canal-du-Midi trip from Sete (Frontignan marina) to Carcassonne, Toulouse, then on to Bordeaux. Once again she is de-masted and converted into a motor launch, with multitudes of fenders, two folding bikes and plenty of sun cream! The de-masting was trouble free, aided by the usual sign […]

Sailing Southern Brittany – 2

Writing this in Concarneau on Wednesday 19th August, as a nasty low pressure system beats up Biscay, Brittany and England. Nigel Aldridge and I have been on the boat for over a week now and have not murdered or abandoned each other yet, so we are working our way back to Otaria’s base at Foleux, […]

Floating around the Solent

by Judith Hankey Richard and I, as a sailing household and not needing to overnight on the boats, were able to start sailing earlier this season, but other members have caught us up and indeed overtaken us with how many sailing days they have done. We try to use non-weekends to allow the working population […]

Sailing Southern Brittany

Part 2 of Andy Bowerman’s blog The French holiday season is in full swing now, with a lot of people taking an ‘in-France getaway’ after the C19 lockdowns were lifted. For us, this means a lot of French tricolours in the ports and at sea, with a scattering of Dutch, German and the odd English […]

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