A Brit on a boat in Brittany during lockdown!

This story starts in the Langstone Sailing Club bar in mid 2007 on the lines of “I bet you wouldn’t take that silly little boat of yours, with its outboard and porta-potty to the Med, via the Rhone?”. So to cut a long story short, Louvet (21’ Challenger Horizon) set off for Calais in late […]

Can we go sailing? Will we go sailing?

Our latest Sentiment Survey has just closed, with 83 respondents. That is more than 70% up on the survey we conducted in mid-May which indicates that more members are now thinking about sailing. Thanks to all who took part, it really is incredibly helpful information as we try to plan to provide as many sailing […]

How fast can Relax sail?

In sailing it’s not unusual to find that changing course a little away from the direct line to your destination can give you more boat speed, as can sailing a little free of close hauled when you’re working to windward. Sometimes this can work to your advantage with the extra distance sailed being more than […]

Getting Through COVID

Just as we were poised to go to sea (a few lucky crews actually did so!) this unprecedented emergency hit us and the world. It is the worst of its kind for over 100 years. Of course, in 2020 we are now able to respond so much more effectively and quickly than when Spanish Flu […]

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