What’s in Store on 29 February?

So we have more time to catch up with friends, talk, plan, make new Club friendships and match sailing plans, we are starting the evening an hour earlier.. So please do be there by 5pm, with a complementary glass of prosecco to welcome everyone. There will be a kick-off Mixer which will, with quite some […]

The World is Shifting – in The Club and At Sea!

The Countdown Has Started! I hope the 29th February is in your calendar! This year we’ve increased the social content for the AGM evening and so set an earlier opening to the occasion.  The Countdown is for the appointment of the next Management Committee. At the time of writing (Sunday) Nominations have been open for […]

If At First You Don't Succeed…

Over my sailing career I’ve concluded that I’m something of a Jonah when it comes to training. The first time I did the Coastal Skipper course was on Firebird in 2010 with Peter Clare and we had to abandon the course because of weather and reconvene a few weeks later. In 2016 I did the […]

The RNLI – and Forming Our Next Committees

A Special Committee Meeting! The two committees normally each meet four times a year, with the fourth meeting being a joint session. In the joint session on the 13th January we were able to look together at topics developed over recent months of club-level significance, such as the fine research led by Judith Hankey into […]

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