Yachts Cannot Read Calendars!

We all tend to focus our sailing planning on the spring and then the period of the summer holidays. But recent years have shown September to have mainly enjoyable weather, and the Club like many yachtsmen in the Solent happily sail on through October. Let’s not lose sight of the pleasure of sailing with friends […]

Rough Seas

One Constant You Can Rely On With Sailing – Change!

One of the great attractions of sailing is that whatever sort of sailing one is doing now, in three hours it will be different. Or will it?

Mixed Seafood Jambalaya

This is a tried and tested Slow Cooker Cookbook recipe by Catherine Atkinson, that I’ve adapted to cook on board. I suggest creating the tomato mixture at home in a slow cooker, then freezing it to take on the sail. When you are ready to use it aboard, heat the mixture in the large saucepan […]

2019 Summer Cruise – Weeks 10 and 11

This is a combined report for weeks 10 and 11, as your illustrious (now retiring) skipper was in nominal command for both weeks, spending as much time as possible snoozing on the starboard main cabin bunk or stocking the beer fridge. It was great trip with two fine crews, somewhat livened by inclement weather, some very fine weather, a reportable ding in St Malo, a possible fastest passage cross channel, with prodigious eating and drinking forays in some delightful towns.

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