About Phoenix Yacht Club

What We Offer

CRUISING: The club does many cruises which can range from a single day’s sail, to a several days trip around the Solent. Or further, an extended circle around parts of the Mediterranean. You go where the skipper plans for the trip, but with your input of course. A highlight of the year is the summer cruise, and the club has been as far afield as the Baltic, Mediterranean, Spain as well as around Britain via the Caledonian Canal.

RACING: Both of our two yachts usually sail in the Round the Island race, with the handicap system levelling their performance so that it can be a keen race in the right wind conditions. We are continuously improving our racing skills with RelaX in the JOG series in 2021 and will take part in selected races of the series again in 2022.

TRAINING: The club is a recognised RYA Sea School, so there is plenty of opportunity to improve your sailing skills. We are fortunate to have a number of RYA Instructors who can teach our members the range of RYA practical courses (https://www.rya.org.uk/training/sail-cruising) from Competent Crew, through Day Skipper to Yachtmaster Coastal and Offshore. These are normally taught as five-day (Monday-Friday) courses, with Yachtmaster exams being conducted by an independent RYA examiner over the weekend following the preparation course. In addition to certificated RYA training we also teach useful skills development short-courses such as boat handling and spinnaker training.

Who we are

Phoenix Yacht Club was the BP Yacht Club historically

The cruising section of BPYC started in 1966 and in the beginning we chartered boats but in 1969 the club bought its first cruising boat – Black Gold a Contest 25. This boat had heavy club use and was replaced in 1971 by the first Spellbinder a Northney 34, purchased second-hand.

When BP wound up their Yacht Club in 1994, some of the members decided to become an independent club and raised the money to buy the club boats from them. One of these boats was a Sadler Starlight 39, Spellbinder of Wytch, which we kept until early 2018 when we reluctantly sold her. Although many of our older members were sad to see Spellbinder go, we recognised that it was time to replace her with a newer yacht and we are thrilled to have found an immaculate X-Yachts X.40 RelaX, to support our cruising and racing programme in 2018 and beyond.

As a club, we do a wide range of what our members want. The sailing skills of our members range from Yachtmaster Ocean to absolute beginners, so no one is left out and all are made to feel very welcome.

How we operate

Phoenix Yacht Club is a non-profit making private members’ club, run by the members, for the members. Members and their families come from all walks of life, the Phoenix Yacht Club depends entirely on its members for ensuring that the yachts are maintained to a high standard. Every time a yacht is used, the skipper and the crew are expected to leave the yacht in a better condition than they found it.

We use professional yacht maintenance services to help with major repairs and improvements where the skills required are outside the scope of members.

The Phoenix Yacht Club is a company limited by guarantee and its overall operation is guided by a Management Committee. Day-to-day operations are controlled by the Sailing Committee. All Management Committee posts are elected at the annual AGM.

What Our Members Say

Friendly Club with boats I like, with good management

Robert Harland

New member and only had the oportunity to sail on Quartet the once so far. Throughly enjoyed the boat, company, and whole experience. Made to feel very welcome.

Bob Lott

Phoenix has opened up a world of sailing opportunities & possibities for me. Fantastic.

Greg Nicol

Nice club to join as a beginner and if you have previous experience. Affordable.

Paul Johnstone

PYC provides safe, supportive, and friendly training and sailing; at reasonable cost. It is a splendid club for making sailing available to all who are interested.

John Buckley

Its a great Club

Barry Barnes

It is very accessible, both in cost and nature, route into sailing, training and racing for those who do not have experience, their own yacht or a sailing network. I can’t believe I didn’t get involved sooner.

Paul Rigby

The club is well organised and meets my sailing needs, a bonus is that the members are helpful and friendly and have much experience to offer.

Allan Wright

Friendly club, convenient location and well maintained yachts. I’d highly recommend the Phoenix club to anyone interested in joining.

Nick Morgan

I am RYA qualified Coastal Skipper and studying hard to become an RYA Yachtmaster Coastal skipper by the end of 2019. I have much to thank PYC for and will be forever grateful to the Club for several things. 1) is the opportunity to sail reasonably regularly because of cheaper sailing has allowed me to do more. 2) The opportunity to get skills training on things like close quarter on engine, parking, MOB, coming off a berth and many more.…

Nigel Aldridge

It’s a great organisation with dedicated volunteers offering so much to sailors.

Peter Clare

Great friendly club with two well-equipped yachts and easy access to the Solent and English channel. Competitive membership, with outings charged on a daily rate per head basis. RYA practical training to YM prep level.

John Halliday


Robert Homan

I only started sailing in my 60s, and PYC provided me with all the necessary training, built my confidence, offered wonderful cruising opportunities and lots of supportive friendship.

Peter Findlay

PYC is great for me To expand my sailing and get to do things I would not normally do.

Moira Barber

Friendly atmosphere, efficient administration, opportunity to take my teenage children sailing and visit fun foreign and even English ports.

Peter Thompson

It’s been an unbelievably friendly experience so far. Very encouraging for families to sail.

Lindsay Lott

A great way to sail to a high standard and to learn from other sailors in the challenging environment of NW Europe. Charter boats are often of unknown reliablity. Flotilla boats are under-rigged and under-equipped.

Jonathan Gillams

Phoenix is my racing environment, at once emetic and exhilarating. One day I might be good at this stuff, but until then it’s the place I will practice.

Matt de Quincey

It’s good value and a club clearly committed to providing good sailing and training opportunities

Ian Stevenson

Yachts are good – well maintained. Club is flexible – enables me to sail as much/little as I wish.

Nick Carter

It’s a good club that brings together people with like minded interests and provides sailing at modest cost without the commitment of owning your own boat.

Andy Connor

The club members are very friendly and approachable. All questions promptly answered (whether asked online or by email).

Rafal Stanczyk

Good value. Down to earth. Good opportunities – training, racing, cruising.

Steve Denton

I’ve looked around and compared sailing clubs for months and discovered that the PYC is the best way to sail on a frequent basis for a reasonable cost. So far I’ve only been able to go out once but that’s totally down to me. The one time I did go out – I loved it.

Leon de Beer

Provides members with fair access to good boats within well-run programmes of cruising, training and racing.

Trevor Nicholls

It is very local for me. I enjoy the opportunity to involve myself working on the boats and there is some rich knowledge to be gained from a small group of members

Ray Beadell

Brilliant way to sail and very competitively priced. Great training opportunities both RYA and non RYA (boat handling). Easy to book and I have never had a bad experience and always felt, as crew, to be welcome and part of a team

Janet Carroll

Its a great club and not a charter business.

Andy Bowerman

Phoenix creates a fine variety of sailing opportunities in a very friendly club community

Ted Sankey

Its gives me the opportunity to do as much sailing as time permits, on good well kept boats with good friends. I have had incredible trips and learnt so much over the years. I shall always have a great deal of affection towards PYC and the people who put so much work into the successful running of the club.

Hazel Wilcox

I just want to reiterate what a great thing PYC is.  I really love the sense of community and the mentoring and support from friendly experienced skippers and crew. I can’t wait to get my daughter involved.

Paul Whiteside

Thank you so much for yesterday you were great hosts and sold the club well. Ralph and I had a very enjoyable time and look forward to time on the water later in the year.  Application forms with you,  assuming we pass the formalities, do  tell us what we owe. It was great to see Spellbinder again, I thought she looked really good for her years and being aboard brought back all sorts of great memories. For entirely personal reasons…

Richard Hubbard
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